Decodable Names Test

Decodable Names Test: Pretest

Directions: Now you get to play teacher! Many teachers call out names to take attendance. Here is the list of students in your pretend class. Your job is to read each student’s first and last name. I can't help you, but you can make a guess if you are not sure. Let’s see who is here today!

  • Chad Tweed 
  • Gus Blain 
  • June Paul 
  • Gray Broon
  • Jen Spry 
  • Drew Burns 
  • Shane Snow 
  • Scout Kirk
  1. Tim Wright 
  2. Brook Spoils 
  3. Hope Fern 
  4. Joan Price
  5. Todd Stark 
  6. Floyd Shaw 
  7. Neal Thorn

Decodable Names Test: Posttest

  • Ann Burk 
  • Hawk Tubbs 
  • Dirk Crow 
  • Clark Broils
  • Trent Keen 
  • Shay Crew 
  • Jane Sloan 
  • Maud Berg
  • Chip Bream 
  • Gail Jobe 
  • Loyd Cloud 
  • Mike Groom
  • Rube Cox 
  • Sky Woods 
  • Thor Blight

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