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Your Gateway to Reading Success!

At The Reading Genie, we are dedicated to transforming the reading journey for children, parents, and educators. Our mission is simple: to unlock the magic of reading through carefully crafted, decodable stories and essential resources. Based in the heart of Auburn, Alabama, we are your trusted partner in the ...

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Unlocking the World of Reading, One Book at a Time

The Reading Genie is not just about decodable stories and resources; it's about fostering a love for reading that lasts a lifetime. Our commitment to literacy is unwavering, and our journey is ever-evolving.
Delve into our Tools & Resources section, where you'll find a wealth of interactive learning tools, reading ...

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Ben Apelby

We're homeschoolers. The Geniebooks stories are making phonics lessons click with our kids. They have figured out that what they learn in phonics works to read the words in the stories.


Why Choose Us?

Expertise Rooted in Research

Benefit from decades of research-driven expertise. Dr. Bruce Murray, an emeritus professor of Reading Education, and Dr. Geri Murray, a former special education teacher, lead our team. Their extensive knowledge ensures that our resources are grounded in best practices for effective reading instruction.

Supportive Community

Join our community of parents and educators who share your passion for literacy. Connect, collaborate, and gain insights from like-minded individuals in our vibrant online forum. Together, we're fostering a love for reading that lasts a lifetime.

Engaging Decodable Stories

Our captivating decodable stories like "Lad and His Pals" and "Fun and Games With Lad and Slim" make learning to read an enjoyable adventure. These stories are thoughtfully crafted to build confidence in young readers, helping them unlock the world of literacy one page at a time.

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